Pink Treatment

 The Pink Solution is a professional skin booster serum, composed of 56 active ingredients. These help improve the vitalisation of fibroblast cells, which are the basic structural frameworks of tissues. It contains a blend of active ingredients such as 14 types of neuropeptides, various growth factors, 17 Essential amino acids, Stem cell culture extract and 10 kinds of multivitamins. These ingredients are optimised for the regeneration of damaged and destroyed tissues. The 56 active ingredients help to keep the Dermis and Epidermis healthy and slows down the ageing process. This promotes skin elasticity and improves texture and tone. 


Suitable for All Skin Types


The Pink Solution can be applied to all skin types, including skin that is sensitive or dry, or has undergone a dermatological treatment such as laser or peels. The Pink solution works harmoniously with other skin procedures and can be used in conjunction with these. Ideal candidates for the Pink Treatment are those patients concerned with the effects of ageing and would like to restore the skin to a more radiant tone and minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

Note: The Pink Treatment is also safe to use while pregnant AND it is vegan-friendly.



What is in the Pink treatment?

– Glutathione, which has been proven to brighten skin and fight free radicals.

– 3 kinds of Enzyme, which contribute to the synthesis of glutathione in skin.

– 10 kinds of Vitamin B complex (vitamin B12), which helps improve skin’s metabolism.

– Growth Factors, adenosine A2 receptors, which helps quickly recover skin regeneration cycle.

– 6 kinds of Peptide (EGF, FGF, IGF, TGF-b, cooper tripeptide), which help vitalise fibroblast cells, which are the basic structural frameworks of tissues.

– Neuropeptide complex, which is a growth factor that helps vitalize fibroblast cells and growth of blood vessels, which are essential for a wound healing process.

– Amino Acid complex, which increases the content of NMF (natural moisturising factor).

– 4 Million Daltons of high molecule HA, which can improve skin moisture deficit.

– Vitamin B and Amino Acid for coenzyme synthesis.

– Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10), which is the connection for the production of ATP.


The Pink solution is also used as a potent cocktail serum to help revitalise the skin and enhance the moisture levels.



Option 1: $350 per treatment

Option 2: Buy 5 treatments for $1750 with a 6th treatment FREE (SAVE $350)

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