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This cutting-edge brightening serum addresses uneven skin tone and visible skin discolouration using a multilevel approach.

Enriched with tranexamic acid, niacinamide and plankton extract, this advanced formula enhances skin clarity and luminosity.


• Brightens uneven skin tone and sun damage
• Fortified with tyrosinase inhibitors, tranexamic acid, vitamin B3 and skin brighteners
• Ideal for preparing skin for chemical peels, laser and IPL treatments


Tranexamic acid: A powerful cosmeceutical that can inhibit and reduce UV-induced hyperpigmentation and has an ability to reduce the severity of melasma (hormonally induced hyperpigmentation).

Plankton extract: Plankton extract acts on multiple stages of the pigmentation process to brighten uneven skin tone. Plankton extract improves skin luminosity and decreases visibility of hyperpigmented areas to provide a more even looking skin tone.

Niacinamide: In addition to barrier protection, immunity, hydration, and collagen stimulation, niacinamide also addresses inflammation (which is often a cause of PIH) and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation by preventing melanin transfer via melanosomes from the melanoncyte to the keratinocyte.

Liquorice root extract: Liquorice extract significantly improves uneven skin tone and discolouration whilst reducing redness. It is also a powerful botanical anti-inflammatory that can greatly assist the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Lycopene (hydrolysed tomato skin): A potent, topical antioxidant essential for protecting skin against environmental damage and ageing.