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A soothing and repairing moisturiser enriched with advanced peptides to reduce the discomfort of itch, heat and irritation while minimising the appearance of redness.

Ideal for comforting, calming and strengthening sensitive skin.


• Anti-inflammatory moisturiser for sensitive skin
• Calms, strengthens and soothes
• Neutralises skin redness
• Reduces discomfort of itch, heat and irritation


Acetyl tetrapeptide 40: A revoluntionary new peptide that decreases the appearance of facial redness and visible fine blood vessels, whilst also providing protection against UV induced cell damage and inflammation.

Acetyl hexpeptide 49: A peptide that reduces the activity of inflammatory markers in skin cells, reducing the sensation of itch and the discomfort of heat.

Hydrolysed algin: Rebuilds the epidermal skin by stimulating the activity of epidermal stem cells to rapidly restore and reconstruct skin tissue.

Squalane: A 100% pure concentrate rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. This ingredient reduces the appearance of dry, stressed skin. It is a powerful and effective skin supplement proven to boost the immune system and help treat all inflammatory skin conditions.

Seabuckthorn oil: Rich in vitamins A, E, C and K, it is used for its skin rejuvenation and accelerated wound healing properties. Used topically as a natural treatment for dry skin, sensitive skin, acne, redness, scars and burns.

Canadian willowherb: Non-steroidal anti-irritant and antibacterial ingredient with free radical scavenging ability.

Lycopene (hydrolysed tomato skin): A potent antioxidant to neutralise free radical damage.