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A lightweight milk moisturiser to improve uneven skin tone, restore moisture and refine the appearance of enlarged pores.

A unique blend of antioxidants and marine and botanical extracts work in synergy to balance, purify and brighten skin.


• Lightweight formula ideal for oily or combination skin
• Brightens uneven skin tone
• Reduces excess oil flow and minimises pore size
• Ideal priming base for mineral makeup


Clover flower extract: Reduces pore diameter by reducing oil flow in the sebaceous gland and therefore preventing dilation of follicle. Leads to reduction of Sa reductase (enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into its more aggressive form of dihydrotestosterone). This enzyme leads to thicker and stickier sebum consistency and increased breakout activity.

Green tea leaf extract: Potent antioxidant with anti-ageing benefits that inhibits melanin by reducing tyrosinase activity and is also an anti-inflammatory.

Saccharide isomerate: Marine based ingredient to lighten uneven skin tone and address hyperpigmentation by acting on multiple stages of melanogenesis, such as signal proteins, tyrosinase inhibition and reduction of melanosome maturation and transfer.