Cosmetic Injectables

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Anti-wrinkle Injections

Australian law prevents us from using the brand names of antiwrinkle injections.

Product A $4 per unit

Product B $12 per unit


Common treatment areas and pricing:

Frown lines from $160 

Don’t look cranky. Those lines are easy fixed with anti-wrinkle injections. It can change your life!


Crow’s feet from $160

Are lines around your eyes getting worse? Stop them now with anti-wrinkle injections


Forehead lines from $80

Lines running across your forehead. Let us smooth them with some anti-wrinkle injections


Bunny lines from $80

Don’t like those creases across your nose when you are smiling? A few little anti-wrinkle injections can solve your problem


Mental crease from $80

Get rid of a witchy chin and have a gorgeous smooth youthful chin with ant-i wrinkle injections


Vertical lip lines/lip flip from $80

Reduce those lip lines or flip that lip to make a slightly larger upper lip with a few small anti-wrinkle injections!


Gummy smile from $40

Show less gum and more teeth with a small amount of anti-wrinkle injections! It’s magic.


Nefertiti lift

Treatment to bands in the neck to smooth the appearance of the neck.

Price on consultation


Bruxism (teeth Grinding)

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to relax the masseter (jaw) muscle which also can cause the face to look slimmer! This treatment can last between 3-6 months.

Prices on consultation



Excessive sweating can be embarrassing. Common areas to treat with anti-wrinkle injections are under the armpit, hands, feet & face.

Prices on consultation

FAQ's: Anti-wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

Sue has a vast variety of fillers to suit your problem area

Common treatment areas and pricing:

Cheek filler

Redefine or enhance your cheeks with filler! A safe treatment lasting up to 12 -18month

From $890 for 2 syringes


Tear Trough 

Looking tired or sad. See the hollows under your eyes more? This can be treated very successfully with fillers. 

Some clients will only need 1 ml. Others will need s a few treatments to correct this. Discuss with Sue what is your best option today! 

Price from $500



Let’s restore or enhance your lips to look natural but with a lovely shape and volume. 

Prices starting from 1/2 ml $350 


Marionette lines

A line begins to form from the corner of your mouth to your chin. It can turn down the corner of your mouth and make you look sad. This is easy to correct and undetectable you have had it treated. The problem will disappear!

Prices start from $500



We lose volume in our chins which can create a witch chin or heavily lined chin

Dermal fillers will smooth this area and take years off your appearance. I can also add filler to a chin to give the face a more defined jawline and over shape face. This is an extremely popular treatment with Instagram models to create a more beautiful look

Prices start from $500



As we age, we lose volume from out temples which in turns worsen our tear trough area and contributes to upper eyelid heaviness. Filler to this area creates a more youthful look

Prices from $500


Jawline filler

Have you noticed your jawline is not as defined as it once was.? Your neck and jaw line are blending into one area?  Or do you simply want an Angelina Jolie jawline? Men would you like a more chiselled look. Jaw filler is the answer!

Prices from $999


Skin boosters

Hydrating injections into the skin to hydrate and smooth fine lines and stimulate collagen. They will result in your skin being firmer more elastic, smoother, hydrated, and plump.

Typically, 3 treatments are done initially with one month between each treatment. After that one treatment every 6 months is recommended to keep your glow!

Prices start at $650 full face 

Package of 3: $1799. Save $150

FAQ's: Dermal Fillers
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