Platelet Rich Plasma Vampire Facial Treatment

At Bella Complexion, we can provide Platelet Rich Plasma vampire facial treatments. Our services are useful for people who want to promote soft-tissue healing and take years off their appearance. Patients who visit our clinic for a vampire facial in Toronto have reported experiencing positive results and seeing improvement of their skin after completion of the procedure.

Our Vampire Facial Procedure

Blood is an incredible substance that contains essential healing properties, helping to repair tissue damage and speed up the natural healing process. Our vampire treatment involves drawing a few vials of your blood and placing it into a centrifuge, from which the red blood cells are separated from the platelets and plasma. We then numb your face using a numbing cream, after which the plasma is either injected into the face or applied topically followed by a microneedling treatment.

The Benefits of a Vampire Treatment

We’ve uploaded PRP vampire facial before and after photos to demonstrate the potential benefits the procedure can provide. By stimulating collagen production, our vampire facial in Toronto can:

  • Reduce acne scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks
  • Improve skin texture
  • Accelerate natural healing

How Long Does PRP Vampire Treatment Take?

A PRP vampire facial takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour, however this time can vary depending on how many areas are being targeted.

When Can Results Be Seen?

The results of a vampire facial can typically be seen within a few weeks. The best results are noticeable within 2 to 3 months of the treatment, with the skin appearing refreshed and more youthful. Results may last up to 2 years depending on skin type and condition.

What Should I Expect After the Treatment?

Our vampire facial in Toronto requires very little downtime, if any. After the treatment, the treated area may be red and tender on the first day, similar to mild sunburn. Minor bruising is also possible. By the second day, any redness should start to fade. The skin may have a roughened texture for up to a week after the treatment. However, many people resume their day to day activities immediately after their appointment, with no downtime required.

How Much Does a Vampire Facial Cost?

The vampire facial cost will depend on the results you want to achieve and how many treatments are required, both of which will be ascertained in an initial consultation. If you want to book our vampire facial near Newcastle without paying the full price upfront, we offer Zip pay as a flexible payment option so that no one is excluded on the basis of their financial circumstances.

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