Sue Willis

Registered Cosmetic Nurse

Sue, the Founder of Bella Complexion, is a highly skilled registered nurse with 30 years of experience.  Being fully qualified in skin cancer medicine gives Sue a greater depth of knowledge in skin and this is her point of difference.

Sue is passionate about helping people feel great and become the best version of themselves possible. This is done by building self-confidence and enhancing natural beauty. She has a keen eye for detail and is committed to delivering rejuvenating and natural looking results for her clients. With so many options available in today's market, it is always difficult to find a clinician you can trust. It’s all about experience and Sue has plenty of that.

Why Bella Complexion?

Other than experience, it’s also about the quality. At Bella Complexion we use the latest technology and techniques to enhance your inner beauty. Sue believes in a Total Face Approach (TFA) to create a personalised treatment program for each client. This TFA, is a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation and leads to a very natural, proportional look, so that the face looks good from all angles, leaving you looking and feeling your very best. Giving you realistic advice about the various treatments and understanding your expectations, is what sets Bella Complexion apart.


Please allow up to an hour for your initial consultation. We don’t believe in a quick process when developing a bespoke treatment plan. During the consultation, we will establish your main concerns whilst considering symmetry, congruence, and overall facial harmony. At Bella Complexion we are committed to a professional approach to delivering suitable treatments, to have you looking natural and rejuvenated. Sue truly cares about her clients and will clearly outline the best facial rejuvenation approach whilst offering effective non-surgical solutions.

A good treatment plan is more than just your initial treatment. It’s a journey and should also encompass a program for facial rejuvenation. An example for a mature client, wanting a total rejuvenation, may include 3 visits over a 3-6-month period, and then maintenance program every 6-12 months. This way you have a balanced approach to achieving the optimum results.

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